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How IVAs Work

What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement ( IVA )

Outreach Credit Services is a company dedicated to helping people take back control of their finances, which can practically help with the stress and worry of debt. OCS has a team of caring people committed to helping clients find the right solution to their individual situations.

By taking advantage of government schemes you can potentially write off some of your debts

These can include:

  • All Unsecured Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Store Cards
  • Council Tax
  • Rent Arrears
  • HMRC
  • Benefit Overpayments

  • & More

IVA Example

Here is an example of how an IVA could help with .
Example Unsecured Debts   
1  Personal loan  £8,000
2 Credit card 1  £6,812
3 Credit card 2  £4,092
4 Credit card 3  £5,399
4 Credit card 4  £5,200
4  Overdraft  £700
 Total Owed  £30,204

* Subject to creditor acceptance
* Payment subject to individual circumstances
* Credit rating may be affected
* Fees apply, subject to individual's circumstances.


An IVA is a formal agreement with your creditors (the people you owe money to) where you agree to pay only what you can realistically afford, taking into account your living expenses and monthly income.

This is paid as a single monthly payment, usually over a period of 60 months. At the end of the period, any remaining debt is written off and you owe nothing to your creditors.

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A Protected Trust Deed is a legal arrangement between you and your creditors, which gives you protection from creditors taking action against you to recover debts. (This is only available to Scottish Residents).

Once a Trust Deed has been established and is protected, creditors cannot add contractual interest or charges to any of your outstanding debt.

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Bankruptcy is a formal debt solution for those who have an amount of debt which they cannot repay. In a bankruptcy, most debt types are written off. Deciding to go bankrupt is a very serious step that involves fees and can impact different areas in your life, such as your job or home.

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and you are struggling to repay debts, you can to apply for bankruptcy.

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It is the Scottish term for Bankruptcy, which is a formal arrangement to deal with debts that you are unable to repay within a reasonable period of time. ( Scottish residents only )

To qualify, you must have debts of over   £3000 and have a certificate for this debt plan. Charge for Payment or Summary Warrant. In addition, you must not have been made bankrupt in the past 5 years.

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A Debt Management Plan, or DMP, is an informal agreement between you and your unsecured creditors to pay back non-priority debts, reducing your monthly payments to a single affordable amount each month.

There are both fee-paying and free-fee debt management plans available. If you have a higher amount of debt a DMP may not be the right solution for you, as it could take you a lot longer to pay back your debts.

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A Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) is a government-run debt management tool for Scottish residents, that allows you to repay your debts through a debt payment programme (DPP).

Similar to a debt management plan, a DPP in Scotland allows you to pay off your debts in full over a reasonable period of time. All interest, fees and charges on the debt will be frozen. You’ll also be protected from any legal action by your creditors to recover what you owe them.

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